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Top Gourmet Food Industries, founded in 1999, is an innovative manufacturer of ready-to-eat, conveniently packaged foods that are both delicious and healthy. We rely on our authentic and time-honored recipes, using only the freshest ingredients, to maintain a high standard of quality. Our core products are certified Halal and also free from preservatives. 

Today, Top Gourmet produces more than 20 varieties of gourmet-on-the-go, which include delicious and authentic Nonya Achar and Korean Kimchi, Nourish-on-the-go™ Desserts like Cheng T'ng, Sweet Yam Paste with Ginkgo, and Aloe Vera Ice Jelly, and authentic Singapore Chili Sauces like Sambal Belachan, XO Umami, Cincalok + Sweet Onion and Garlic + Lime. 

With our ingenious Top-Gourmet-On-The-Go™, you can now enjoy and serve appetizing and scrumptious gourmet food in comfort and style…no more long hours in the kitchen...we do it all for you! 

For the food service industry, we strive to save you time, labor and money by producing high quality processed ingredients such as peeled and cut root vegetables, finely grounded pastes, pickled vegetables and chili sauces. No more washing, cutting or cleaning up! 

Top Gourmet’s products are certified Halal. We have been awarded with the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certification, as well as the HACCP International Certification for food safety management systems. 

Our products are sold locally in Supermarkets, Minimarts, Convenient Stores, Restaurants, Caterers, Cafes, Petrol Station Minimarts, etc. Regionally, we now have a presence in Western Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. We are also looking to expand to Hong Kong, Japan and other parts of Australia. 

In addition to our current lines of products, we can also tailor our products to meet your requirements, private labeling and packaging.

Halal, Ready-to-eat, Chili Sauces, Kimchi, Nonya Achar, Asian Desserts

Nourishing Desserts


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Uniquely Southeast Asian, Cheng Tng is a nourishing sweet soup made traditionally to “cool” the body with White Fungus, Barley and Pang Da Hai.  Our Cheng Tng, made with the traditional recipe, is exceptionally delicious and refreshing. It is a highly popular beverage and the perfect nourishing treat!

Our SUGAR FREE Cheng Tng is:

  • Sugar Free
  • Suitable for Diabetics
  • Same great taste!
  • Slightly less sweet
  • Sweetened with Sorbitol, a sweetener approved by HPB (Health Promotion Board)
  • Only 86 kcal per ½ bowl (200g)
  • 3.6g fibre per serving of ½ bowl (12% of Recommended Daily Requirement)
  • Free of Preservative
  • Free of Artificial Flavoring
  • Free of Artificial Coloring
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  • Longan Broth
  • Longan
  • White Fungus
  • Barley
  • Ginkgo Nut
  • Pang Da Hai
  • Sorbitol